Covid19 pandemic – ATMANIRBHAR

Pic: Handing over 1 pulse oximeter, one Electronic BP apparatus & 1 Thermal thermometer to my Dr NNC unit Registrar Dr Hitendra Sing Rajput. Proud of my resident doctors doing a wonderful work during covid19 pandemic.

I miss those flights and AICOG FOGSI/ YUVA FOGSI & IAGE conferences. I think for next 6 – 8 months, better not to do Air/ Land travel and take risk. Online organisational meetings and live webinars are here to stay for the next 6-8 months. Till then the new normal will be Webinars, Consesus meetings, Virtual round table discussions, panel discussions and vibrant involvement of the registered user delegates in the Q & A session.
I wish this bad phase of covid19, is just a dream and ends soon and we come back to our normal lives in next few months. New Zealand and China have gone back to normal live’s. So be positive and maintain social distancing and be ATMANIRBHAR. Meeting in person and attending the conferences will be a reality but we will have to wait for some more time. Be positive.
Miss you all FOGSIANS.
Please stay safe and Take Care.
Niranjan Chavan

Down but not Out. Hopeful. This time will pass away soon.

Feeling Sad. Spoke to few of my junior and senior residents today afternoon who are working in Covid hospital centres apart from SION Hospital and other General Hospital. Situation is not good. Our Mcgm (BMC) and state Govt. Doctors and administration are doing their best providing excellent services at 7 hills hospital, Nair Hospital and in Sion EMS. Our resident doctors under the guidance of senior faculty are doing daily day and night duties. However there are deaths occurring especially in diabetics and hypertensive patients above 55- 60 years. Just to give an example, there was a young patient aged 36 years old who expired. He was on Tab. Metformin but when came in EMS was in DK and then went on ventilator. X ray showing Covid19 lung changes. However apart from being a diabetic he was overweight. Out of 55 patients in Male ward 25 are diabetics and rest are hypertensive and having other comorbid conditions. Medical, Paramedical are doing their best. Initially we had shortage of masks and PPE. Now we have got streamlined ourselves. However general public are not realising the apocalypse. Please stop going out and stay at home. Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT come out unless it’s very essential. Otherwise this lockdown will be a futile experience. Since last 2 days, I am finding the streets are crowded with men and women shopping on pavements. Migrants are flooding streets, auto and taxi plying on the streets. Mumbai is still a Red Zone. I know people have become fed up of this situation. But we can’t give up half way. The curve has not reached its peak and we will be in this situation for a long time. Do not make Mumbai the next New York of India. General public, please rise up to the occasion and cooperate & listen to us. #STAYatHOME. Stop roaming on streets and be safe. #WorkfromHOME. Govt, Mcgm, doctors, paramedical staff, police & other essential services are for you and with you.

Niranjan Chavan

The *GCPR from FOGSI* on *Screening and Management of Preinvasive lesions of Cervix* has got published in the *Journal of Obstet. Gynaecol. Research, Dec. 2019 issue.* It is the *Official Journal of AOFOG & Japan Obgyn. Society.*



*Dear Colleague*,

The *3rd Advanced Minimal Access Gynaec. Surgery (AMAS) Course* will be conducted from

*11-13th March 2019*


*Lokmanya Tilak Medical & General Hospital, Sion.*

*Only 10 seats available*.

*Please book your seat*.

*Call:* 9820123513


*Email* **

*Dr Niranjan Chavan,*

*Course Director,*

*Professor & Chief of Unit,*

*Dept. of Obgyn,*


*Sion Hospital,*




Dear Seniors, Colleagues & my dear Friends,

I am very happy to inform you that our scientific paper.

“An Observational study of screening, diagnosis and management of operable cases of cervical in a tertiary centre” got published in the January Issue of European Journal of Gynaecol. Oncol. (Eur J Gynaecol. Oncol. ISSN 0392-2936 XI., Vol. I, n. 0, 2019).


It’s the largest study of the world where data of 36,000 Pap smears from *2011-2016* was studied, analysed and used to diagnose and manage operable cases of Ca Cervix.

This study was first presented at the 44th Mumbai Obgyn. Society 44th annual conference 2016 and received Dr N A Purandare Prize.

I am sharing with you the published manuscript.

With warm regards,

Dr Niranjan Chavan

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