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Dysmenorrhea is often painful. But following these tips by our expert can help you deal with it.
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My article on Dysmenorrhea..!! A must read article for young girls and women in reproductive age group..!!

Letter to PMO INDIA 22/04/2018

I have studied 14-16 hrs a day .At times much more.

I have worked relentlessly for 36 hrs.

I have not slept for hours to take care of unknown people.

I have experienced the saddest moments of my life when I have lost a patient.

I have experienced happiest moments of life when I could save a gravely ill patient.

I gave up a lot of pleasures of my life to reach to this level.

I took no hesitation in cleaning the dirtiest of wounds ,stool n urine of patients.

I have put in my heart and soul into my profession.

I do not get any special concessions or support from the government.

I have a family and a right to good living too.

I take pride in being a doctor…one who is there for all irrespective of caste,class,creed,religion or status..


I’m still in India to serve inspite great opportunities abroad itself shows my love and loyalty to my country….

Value it before it’s too late to find good dr in future in country.

God save this country.

Let’s all Doctors post it on fb and tweet and show our pain and displeasure to the current health system and affairs in our country.

#Niranjanchavan #pmoindia @PMOIndia


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