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Dr. Nalintai Gadekar- Chavan ( My Mother) mentioned in the Book Lord Meher Book pg 2860

When nothing upsets you, you are at the beginning of the path. When you desire nothing, you are half-way on the path; when nothing becomes everything, you are perfected.
Marwaris (businessmen) and atheists can realize God, but hypocrites cannot. In ordinary human beings, it is the body which controls the mind through attachments, requirements, cravings, and so forth.
In advanced souls on the fifth and sixth planes, it is the mind that controls the body. In majzoobs, there being no mind, it is God that controls their bodies. But in Sadgurus, their mind being universal mind, it is God which controls both the mind and the body. Their universal mind automatically becomes the expression of God’s Will.
Another singing program was held in Sholapur from 9 to 11 P.M., after which Baba retired for the night. The next morning, March 11th, Baba and the mandali proceeded forty-four miles to Barsi by car and buses, where Pandoba and Babadas had made excellent preparations for the program. At ten o’clock, Baba was carried in a chariot-like tonga and paraded around the town for four hours. He stopped briefly to bless the newly opened Meher Baba Centre at Barsi, and the procession ended at the dak bungalow where he was to spend the day.
Baba first bathed and fed seven poor destitutes before the darshan started. Almost five thousand people came. As each went forward to receive prasad from him, spiritual music was being sung on the stage.
The doors of the Beloved’s wineshop were flung open, and
all imbibed the wine of his presence according to their thirst.
Those having no thirst received the awareness to create it;
and thus, deep into the night, the program joyously continued.
Baba left Barsi after midnight and returned to Sholapur at 2 A.M. A judge from Akalkot, M. G. Bendre, had invited Baba to his house, and Baba went with the mandali early the next morning, March 12th. Before leaving, Baba praised Gadekar and Gunatai: “I am very pleased with the love of both of you and the splendid arrangements you made for myself and the mandali. I wish you to continue, in my love, the work you are doing of spreading my name.” Baba then kissed Gadekar’s daughter, Nalini, and his son, Digambar, and departed for Akalkot.

Dr. Nalintai Gadekar -Chavan (My Mother) mentioned in the Book Lord Meher pg. 5609

During the last three months, I have given my most to make you feel happy and cheerful. Now I want you to give me your cooperation by obeying me fully during the coming forty days. There is stupendous work before me to be done and my physical body is very much strained and can no longer bear any more. I need complete relaxation for forty days.
At the end of the meeting, prayers were offered to God by those present to enable them to hold fast to Baba’s daaman and to obey him one hundred percent.
ON JULY 6th, Dr. Dikshitt performed a barium meal examination of Baba’s gastrointestinal and urinary tracts, but no evidence of any obstruction or lesion in his urinary tract was found.
Wednesday, July 8th, marked the end of Baba’s fifty-six days of work, but Baba made no reference to it. He also did not issue any instructions for the observance of Silence Day that year, and left it entirely to the inclination of each person concerned to observe or not to observe silence as they wished. But on that day, July 10th, 1959, Baba decided to go to the old Poona Center, where one hundred poor children were gathered, and Baba washed their feet and gave them each ten rupees as a love-gift.
Meanwhile, Kumar’s eldest son, Prashant, age nineteen, who worked as an electrician in a mine near Belgaum, was called to Guruprasad in early July. After Baba embraced Prashant, he remarked, “You have fever.” Calling Gunatai and Nalini Gadekar, Baba asked them to keep him in their house, and asked Nalini (who was in medical school) to treat him. They did accordingly, but his illness worsened and he was removed to Ruby Hall Nursing Home. After a medical examination, he was found to be suffering from leukemia.
Ruby Hall Nursing Home was situated near Guruprasad, and it belonged to a doctor named Keki Byram Grant, age thirty-nine, who had met Baba through Dr. Goher. On the evening of Friday, July 10th, Baba sent word to Dr. Grant that if he saved Prashant that night, Baba would restore Prashant’s health. But the doctor failed to do so, and Prashant died at 10:00 P.M. When the news was received, Baba kissed Eruch on the forehead and sent him to the hospital, telling him to do likewise to Prashant’s corpse. As instructed by Baba, Meherdas had nursed Prashant in the hospital and served him well in his dying moments.

Lord Meher Page 5609