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A Valiant Corona Warrior Doctor Martyred in the line of COVID19 Duty..!!

Our dear classmate Dr Parag Patil from Seth G. S. Medical College, Mumbai, India left for his heavenly abode at 6.30am today on 21st June 2020, this morning after bravely fighting COVID 19! May the ALMIGHTY give his family and friends courage to bear this irreparable loss. 🙏🙏

For the last 4 weeks you were fighting courageously this dreaded disease and all of us were with you. We admire your work in FOGSI, MOGS, AMOGS & Kalyan IMA. Atlast, you are free from the sufferings of this world and be one with the Lord who has made us.

I remember talking to you when you got admitted last month and you were narrative about your treatment telling the details, what medicines you were on and what you had taken till then and your recent investigations.

Daily we all batchmates were with you. Encouraging you to be with us and eager to see you coming out of this mess and recover and be with us.

In this lockdown period, you used to do Covid19 duties by visiting Bai Rukmini Bai Kalyan Muncipal hospital, twice a week attending antenatal & gynaec. opds and delivering obstetric patients in your own hospital.

ALAS the almighty had a different take on this, and now you have gone leaving behind a legacy of your teachings for the rest of us to revisit, with your pearls of wisdom in the field of sexual medicine, adolescent gynaecology, MTP law, PCPNDT act & nursing home issues.

You were always smiling, helpful, kindhearted and generous to your friends and colleagues. I can’t write further more, as now I have loss of words. but we will miss u for sure. May your soul rest in peace. Amen. 🌺🌺


It seems the media says that he had stopped taking medications for some time and I feel he relapsed.
But I am no one to opine. This are all hearsay talks in the media. Actual cause will come out with proper investigation by the PI.

I agree they have to make families of their own. They stay alone and have their friend circle. But that’s not the reality. They are fake friends. Friends with benefit.

I am talking in general not particular about him.
Andheri West is the hub of TV and film industry of new comers. You can find these young newbies crossing the roads, in Restaurants, Fun Republic cinema, PVR or ICON or shopping in 7 malls in our vicinity. I have myself gone to celebrity gym for more then 15 years in since 1994 in Mumbai Lokhandwala, Seven Bunglows, Andheri West & Juhu. Many of our patients are also from film industry. I have seen many many young strugglers from north india especially from Punjab, Chandigarh, Simla, Dehradun, Bhopal, UP and other states and cities.They are handsome and beautiful looking hunks and damsels with carved and chiselled body with amazing looks with great talents working out in the gymnasium, trying to make a foray in the industry by hanging out with producers, directors, female actors, musicians etc at restaurants,pubs discos in our vicinity but they stay in rented flats, travel in autos or having bikes, new or 2nd hand cars & love new clothes. They have their dreams to make. But all cannot be SRK or AB. They want to be famous and rich and have a lavish life in short time come in pursuit of their goals. They say mumbai is the dream city where a pauper can become a king if he Pursues his or her dream.

Scores of them come to Mumbai to pursue their dreams but they don’t make it. Some make it but can’t hold the fame and become alcoholic, take drugs or fall in bad company. Few of them cant cope up with reality and have mental breakdown without family support.

Their is a talk of nepotism too, regarding this case. So many angles to be seen in this mysterious shocking incident.

Don’t throw your life. It’s precious for your loved and dear ones. SuSHANT your gone leaving many unanswered questions in the minds of all us. Hope you find peace and solace in the arms of Panchtatva!! Rest In Peace!!

FLAWSOME – फ़्लवसोम

Flawsome !

Committing suicide is not the answer for life’s journey. Embrace your flaws and accept the facts of life. Enjoy the journey and not the depressions on the road. Focus on your ultimate destination. No one knows better then you except yourself. Be close to your family. Friends come and go. They are temporary in your journey. Choose them wisely. Each will be there in your journey to be with you for their own reasons or purpose to be in your life and walk with you. Experience the friendship – good or bad. That will make you mind stronger and not vulnerable to drugs, alcohol or addictions. Nobody is going to be with you lifelong, except your parents and your family. They will always think of your good and success. When you falter, listen to them and their advice, and your life will be heaven. Do not be aloof. Always share your vision and goals with your loved ones. They are your comfort zone and support during a thunderstorm or times of adversities.

Niranjan Chavan

YouTube video: Doffing of PPE for Health Care Workers.

PPE Kit a safety tool for protection against viral infection due to Covid19 during pandemic time. Here is the instruction guide video for DOFFING of PPE for health care worker as safety precaution. Hope it leads to safe life. Take care. Please do subscribe & like my YouTube channel.

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PPE Kit a safety tool for protection against viral infection due to Covid19 during pandemic time. Here is the instruction guide video for DONNING of PPE for health care worker as safety precaution.
Hope it leads to safe life. Take care.Please do Subscribe, Like & Comment on my YouTube channel:

Dr Niranjan Chavan,
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COVID19 – The New Normal.

Pic: Handing over 1 pulse oximeter, one Electronic BP apparatus & 1 Infrared Thermal thermometer to my Dr NNC unit Registrar Dr Hitendra Sing Rajput. Proud of my resident doctors doing a wonderful work during covid19 pandemic.

I miss those flights and AICOG FOGSI/ YUVA FOGSI & IAGE conferences. I think for next 6 – 8 months, better not to do Air/ Land travel and take risk. Online organisational meetings and live webinars are here to stay for the next 6-8 months. Till then the new normal will be Webinars, Consesus meetings, Virtual round table discussions, panel discussions and vibrant involvement of the registered user delegates in the Q & A session.
I wish this bad phase of covid19, is just a dream and ends soon and we come back to our normal lives in next few months. New Zealand and China have gone back to normal live’s. So be positive and maintain social distancing and be ATMANIRBHAR. Meeting in person and attending the conferences will be a reality but we will have to wait for some more time. Be positive.
Miss you all FOGSIANS.
Please stay safe and Take Care.
Niranjan Chavan