Facebook LIVE AWARENESS LECTURE on Ovarian Cancer 28 th September 20

*Please join me in spreading the awareness of reducing the incidence of Ovarian Cancer in India*

Translation from Marathi to English:

The over all *incidence* of ovarian tumour is 11.7% in India. It’s more common between 55-70 years of *age*.

*Risk factors* are

early menarche,

late menopause,

low parity,

infertility ,

genetic familial history, mutation in genes.

*Symptoms and Sign*:

Asymptomatic or Symptomatic:

pain in the abdomen, swelling and distension of the abdomen, Facebook live interview of Dr Niranjan Chavan on Ovarian cancer

ascitis, lymph nodes palpable, oedema feet,

weight loss, cachexia.



USG pelvis,


Tumour markers,



*Early stage*:

Staging laparotomy with debulking of ovarian tumour with partial or complete omentectomy followed by chemotherapy.

*Role of laparoscopy*:

I don’t recommend unless the tumour size is less then 5-8 cm.


Port metastasis, spillage leading to upgradation of the stage of the tumour. Metastasis.

*Advance Stage*: Chemotherapy and / or Radiotherapy.

Salvage chemotherapy

Intraperitoneal chemotherapy.

*Poor prognosis* when diagnosed in 3rd , 4th stage.

Those women who have strong history of familial history and are BRCA1-2 positive should undergo Bilateral salphigo- opphorectomy after the age of 35 years.

*Dr Niranjan Chavan*.