A long weekend starts with fear and phobia in the minds of MUMBAIKAR’s with weather forecasters and news channel predicting heavy rains in Mumbai City from 08/06/2018 to 12/06/2018 ..!!

Previously monsoon was much awaited and anticipated eagerly by Mumbaikars. We used to be happy so that we could get wet in the first Rains, go out with family and friends for a long drive, visit the beach, eat bhutta, hot kanda bhajj, pakoda. However, Now the rumbling of the thunderbolts and lightening in the sky, the roads getting flooded in 15-20 minutes of heavy rains, the railway tracks getting submerged immediately on flooding of low lying areas, scare all Mumbaikars reminding us of last years flooding of houses and building compounds, building and wall collapse, trees falling on innocent victims, death of a reputed doctor due to drowning in a open manhole, the stampede and death of local train commuters at Elphinstone railway station have made Life not worth living in city of Mumbai anymore. Nothing concrete has been done by any government till date and only blame game continues. Who is responsible? Monsoon season has become monstrous, is savage, scary, kill humans, drown them, buildings and walls collapse and people get electrocuted. We get up next day morning and go

to our routine work and people say “That’s the Spirit of MUMBAI..!!”. Is it so..??

It’s high time people in power realise that the taxes we pay are used properly for the betterment of this city and that hard working Mumbaikars LIVE LIFE with no phobias and stress all the time for the next 4 months. After all we MUMBAIKARS are humans too & not animals and we pay the highest tax in the country.