Cervical Cancer Awareness- Need of the hour.!!

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My Article on Cervical Cancer in #mymedicalmantra. Please do read and help in reducing the incidence of cervical cancer In India. Many Indian women die due to lack of awareness of cervical cancer and by the time they come for check up to a hospital, the cancer has reached advanced stage. India still lacks a uniform single cervical cancer registry by central and state Health Ministry and it is the need of the hour to do so.

Dr Niranjan Chavan

Professor & Unit Chief,

LTMMC & Sion Hospital,


Chavan Maternity & Nursing Home,

J P Road , Andheri West, Mumbai-53




*Gynaecologists mourn the untimely death of Dr Poonam Satpute* 27/12/2017


*प्रसिद्ध स्त्रीरोगतज्ज्ञ डॉ. पूनम सातपुतेंच्या निधनाने वैद्यकीय क्षेत्रात शोककळा*


First Indian on the Editorial Board of European Journal of Gynecologic Oncology.

Dear All,Feeling very Happy to be the First Indian on the Editorial board of EJGO and receiving its copy by post.

I am appointed on the Editorial Board of ‘European Journal of Gynecologic Oncology’ & ‘Clinical and Exprimental Journal of Obst.& Gynecology’ since May last year.

On 21/09/2017 afternoon, I recieved their issues by post. 
These esteemed journals are published bimonthly (6 issues/year) from Italy and Canada since 1980 & 1974 respectively. 

Sharing with you pics of issue’s of EJGO & CEOG.

Dr Niranjan Chavan

Mumbai Deluge: 29/08/2017.

Mumbai Deluge :29/08/2017.I Left sion hospital today at 2 pm and reached home at 8 pm. I Took a bike ride from there to Matunga Station. The tracks were flooded and no chance of going by train to Andheri Station. I requested Afzal to take me to mahim. Waited at mahim bus depot for 2 hours from 3-5 pm. No sign of Ola, Uber or Kali peli. No bus arround too. Hence took a second triple seat bike ride from a good Samaritan(name not known), till Bandra station on S V Road. Walked till Linking Road shoe sale shops for further 1-1/2 kms. Took 3 rd bike lift triple seat till santacruz Sv Road, Khera road courtesy Faizal and then walked in waist deep water infront of Nanavati hospital and Vile Parle aerodrome. Took 4 th Auto ride from Javedbhai with 3 Gujju guys seating in the back seat, and I seating besides Javedbhai the driver and we zoomed in knee deep water chanting Ganapati Bappa Morya till Irla, mellennium club and finally took a lift from ambulance till criticare hospital and walked home in knee deep water again for further 2 kms through D N Nagar. Total distance travelled was 15 kms. When I reached my place, the ground floor nursing home was flooded with rain water till ankle deep. Family was very happy to see me home. 

Mumbai city is the city which never sleeps and all men and women of all religion, caste and community live in harmony amd peace and help each other in difficult times. We are known as Mumbaikars and always helpful in such natural calamity and disasters. We have lot of resilience and patience and can rise back from ashes like a Phoenix. 

I hope and pray that all of you are safe in your nest. Take care. Tomorrow also there is a high tide and heavy rains forecast. Be Careful. Good night. 

Dr Niranjan Chavan

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