The Indian Doctor’s Covid Second Wave Story dated 20/4/2021

India crossed 2,73,000 positive Covid 19 patients on 19/4/21. We are in bad shape since the beginning of April and In last 5 days things have gone to toss. I have few earnest request to make to my colleagues & to general public.

I would request friends and colleagues of mine to please stop glorifying your achievements about what u did, how or what you operated, what prize you got, which paper you got published and which awards you got for the next 10-15 days and this applies to me also.

Please have a heart and see with your open eyes what is written or shown in news media, TV channels, fb, Twitter, WhatsApp & social media regarding Covid. People are crying, sobbing, begging, running from pillar to post and dying with out getting oxygen, beds and antivirals. It’s high time we as doctors also understand this and join sincerely to help the government and state to win this battle against the pandemic.

I also request to the general public to understand that hospitals and doctors are not responsible for this plight of us. You all have to understand that, it’s a world wide pandemic and all nations are reeling through this situation and India is not an exception. Many of my doctors ~ parents and near relatives are also admitted in ICU, they are on ventilators, they are not getting drugs, inspite of having loads of money and are facing the same problems as you. Daily on Facebook, I see atleast 3-4 posts of doctors or their relatives dying young and it’s a helpless feeling I get. We doctors are serving you and are not interested in game of politics & blame games.

Please don’t blame the hospitals and administration for scarcity of oxygen cylinders in certain cities and non availability of drugs, ambulance services and healthcare facilities. The whole nation especially the urban cities and towns have come to stand still & lockdown has been implemented for your good. The government is doing its best to procure & manufacture oxygen at war footing level.

We doctors are trying our best to get things sorted out, but we are just humans like you or employees of a large Hospital or just trying to earn our livelihood by serving humanity by caring for you. It’s our passion to do so, that’s why we have chosen this noble profession and not to earn money.

Bapu rightly said that the future depends on what you do today! In these extraordinary times of COVID-19, we all have to be committed towards taking all the precautionary measures to battle this pandemic. We will overcome this pandemic together! Let us all pray that this nightmare ends soon and all gets sorted out in the next 10 days.

The Indian Doctor’s Covid Second Wave story dated 17/4/21

Tha roads are empty today, less or no honking on the streets, shops malls, cinema theatres, restaurants, hotels are closed, birds are back again chirping. Dogs are barking. People are dying left right centre. India crosses more the 2 lakh cases for 2 consecutive days 15th and 16th April 2021.

Delhi has more then 17,000 covid cases, the highest recorded till date. Maharashtra crossed 63,000 cases and Mumbai more then 8839. Oxygen is scarce, Remdesivir is off the shelf, Lucknow itself has more then 108 cremated in one day. In Gujarat cities, civil and govt. hospitals, people are dying in thousands. The crematoriums are full and no place for relatives to stand or give proper respectful adieu to the departed souls. Mumbai migrants are leaving the city again. It’s really painful to see what’s happening. Who to blame ? The government, the political parties, the people who never understood the gravity of situation.

Today india has crossed even Brazil.
We have now have different strains of Covid virus; Amravati strain, Nagpur strain, Brazil strain, South African strain, California strain, Hyderabad strain, Double mutant strains and god knows how many strains will come in the future.

Even the national Covid vaccination program started in January 2020 has not had any miracles. Worst thing is that those who got vaccinated by one dose and 2 doses, also got Covid infection in milder or moderate form.

This is the most difficult phase in our lives worst like the plague or small pox pandemic. Even rich people who can afford oxygen, Icu, ventilator and are having life insurance cover are not getting bed, drugs and oxygen. Forget about poor people, living in slums amd rural india. The situation is worse for all, day by day.

Senior and young Doctors are dying daily. Worst thing to happen is that the second wave is spreading faster then light, affecting young children and they are needing oxygen and ventilators. This is killing indirectly the livelihood of people, economy and manpower as days and months are passing by.

Last year we had shortage of PPEs, Masks and sanitizer. This year in the second wave, we have shortage of Oxygen, antivirals, beds and ventilators. This will all be overcome in next 10-15 days. But imagine the amount of people who will succumb to Covid due to non availability of these resources on time..??

I don’t want to be diplomatic, but in future the government should pamper health care workers and give them appropriate respect and honour and improve infrastructure in health sector. Rome cannot be build in one day. But a long term vision needs to be done by the people in power. Post of Associate Professors, Professors are not filled for decades giving excuses of court cases and red tapism. Promotions of doctors are not done for 1-2 decades and Professors and Teachers in medical colleges are not given their dues on time. Atleast the people in power should now open their eyes, once they see their near and dear one dying infront of their eyes, that it’s high time doctors, paramedicals, health sector staff is not neglected.

A nation how much ever economically strong, cannot win a war against pandemic unless they improve the system of procurement, infrastructure, quality of academics, grants to doctors for attending higher studies and conferences. Atleast 5-10 % of GDP should be used for health sector rather then building monuments, temples, high speed train, metro, coastal road etc etc. The nation will move in upward direction, only if the health of the countrymen is in good condition. After all, why do we say Health is Wealth!

The next 6-8 weeks will be the most trying ones for us. But I have to be optimistic and not loose hope and see how best as a doctor, I can support the system and be kind enough to help and assist my own countrymen.

Nature’s Gift of Life ~ Sweet Coconut Water with Malai 15th April 2021

I am blessed to have 8 coconut trees in our bunglow planted by my father 50 years ago. Now they bless us with sweet coconut water year after years. Every 4-5 months Mr Vardha Nariyalwala comes with his team of 4-5 members and expertly climb and pluck out more then 200-250 of them in orderly fashion. He takes utmost care and precaution while taking them out so that passerby’s are kept away at a distance. The trees have grown now more then 8 storeys high. I invite you all to exquisite coconut dishes cuisine party with plenty of coconut water to drink and quench your thirst in these mumbai beach summer. These coconuts are from Konkan region and have very sweet water in it. Thank you almighty for all that you have given us so far and we pray with head bowed down & folded hands to our father and forefathers for this gift of nature to our family. Once pandemic is over, I am going to invite my dear friends to see this marvel technique & to have this feast of nature with a babecue party on the terrace.🙏🙏🌺🌺


Thank you Mumbai Obst. & Gynecological society for bestowing me the MOGS SPECIAL AWARD for Outstanding contribution to Women’s Health at the 49th MOGS Annual conference on 9th April2021. Thanks to Dr Rishma Pai President & Dr Anaihita Chauhan, Secretary for recognition of my work for women’s Health.

2nd Wave of Covid Pandemic in Mumbai, India

Guys, Covid virus 2nd wave has gone berserk, spreading the flu like never before in Mumbai and other cities of India. It seems to be more virulent and will spread faster in younger population. Yesterday Covid positive count in mumbai was 8646. However, I see the whole world on the roads, in buses, in trains, walking, shopping on pavements, roaming around or sitting at nukkad, visiting restaurants, malls etc as if nothing has happened. Only we healthcare workers are worried and are on nerves to do our best.
Patients in ANC / PNC are becoming positive. 10 days ago we had 2, then 5, then 15 and now today we have 17 mothers positive in these wards. Just now got a call from a patien who is 38 weeks pregnant with previous LSCS. She had fever 5 days ago and Covid RTPCR report negative. She had persistent fever but no change of taste or smell. But she is now Covid positive. Few healthcare workers who have taken 1st dose of vaccine and are due for the 2nd dose, have turned out to be positive.
Please watch out for your family members as many younger ones of them are getting infected. This wave seems to be for a long haul and is going to be much bigger in numbers as told by epidemiologists.
Like superman and wonderwomen, it’s now time to don PPEs in OPD, Wards, OT again. Continue SMS and take care of yourself, ur families and patients. Protect yourself first. Don’t loose hope. We will fight back this 2nd wave with more resilience, and Iam sure we will come out winners.

Laparoscopic Sling Surgery for Uterocervical Prolapse.

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Mrs XYZ, 29 year old multipara with Grade 3 UteroVaginal
prolapse with cystocele and rectocele, underwent Laparoscopic Sling Surgery.

Witness the PREMIERE on 1st April 2020 at 21:00 IST.
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Laparoscopic Sling surgery is defined as attachment of
either the connective tissue graft(Fascia Lata) or synthetic material like Prolene mesh to the
posterior wall of the uterine cervix in uterocervical prolapse or vaginal vault following total hysterectomy whereas, the other end is fixed to anterior longitudinal ligament along the anterior surface of the sacral promontory laparoscopically to correct the prolapse.

Dr Niranjan Chavan.

FOGSI MDIP Survey on PreEclampsia published in IJRCOG Journal Feb 2021

Approximately 72,000 pregnant women all over the world die every year due to direct or indirect complications related to eclampsia and severe preeclampsia. Incidence of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy in India is found to be 10.08% as per the data collected by the National Eclampsia Registry (NER). Here we present the results of a survey conducted among obstetricians in India to know the common practices in the management of pre-eclampsia followed in our country.

Observational study of survey which was conducted for the period of 1 month from 22nd April to 22nd May 2020. Questionnaire was prepared on and sent to obstetricians via Social media platforms to the members of FOGSI.
All answers ‘collected’ and results were prepared from given answers. The survey was answered online by 289 obstetricians.

For mild to moderate pre-eclampsia Labetalol is still first line antihypertensive agent being used by many of the obstetricians. In our study also we found out that Tab. Labetalol 100mg BD is the most preferred type (278, 96.19%) of first line anti-hypertensive in cases of pre-eclampsia followed by Cap. Nifedipine 5mg QID and Tab Amlodipine 5mg OD respectively.

Comprehensive educational efforts and skill building modules are need of hour to keep every practicing obstetrician updated regarding recent advances in standard practice protocols. With close monitoring of all cases and well selected anti-hypertensive treatment, it is possible to achieve favourable outcomes for the mother and the baby.

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